SAP Development Training

Our customers appreciate our competence in supplementing SAP Standard applications with tailorized functions, and integrating them with the application environment. To this end, SAP provides a powerful development platform in the integrated ABAP-Workbench.

We're happy to pass along our SAP Development know-how to you, whether to ease the way into the SAP world for the developers in your IT department when a technology change is made in the course of an SAP Banking implementation, or simply qualifying new employees for the application development.

The following graphic shows an overview of the thematic content of the training modules. The total duration has been shortened compared to the corresponding SAP Standard training, thereby representing a gain in efficiency. You can, of course, put the modules together in such a way as to emphasize your individual needs.

Our basic training in SAP Development is intended for technically-oriented employees with experience in application development in e.g. COBOL or JAVA. With a combination of lectures and practical exercises, it prepares participants to perform tasks of low-to-middle complexity under supervision.