SAP Banking

Our SAP Education Partnership is the seal of approval that distinguishes our training quality. We provide SAP with trainers and training systems for courses in the current training program. Beyond that, we even offer courses no longer available from SAP.


  • WDECML Overview Loan Management with CML (German, English)
  • FS001 Introduction to Banking (German, English)
  • FS240 Shared Processes in Transactional Banking Services from SAP 9.0 (German, English)
  • FS241 SAP Loans Management in Banking Services from SAP 9.0 (German, English)
  • FS242 Deposits Management in Banking Services 9.0 (German, English)
  • FS040 Business Processes in Transactional Banking (German, English)
  • FS210 Loan Management for Financial Services (German, English)
  • FS215 Consumer Loans (German)
  • FS225 Collateral Management (German, English)
  • FS230 Bank Customer Accounts (German, English)