Home Loan Associations

Home savings associations have to fulfill special requirements in financial mathematical, organizational, technical, and regulatory aspects in regards to the services, products, and processes they bring to the market, e.g.:

  • Products (e.g. bullet loans or intermediate loans)
  • Mapping premiums / government subsidies
  • Payment of home savings interest and deduction of settlement tax
  • Differentiation between collective and non-collective business
  • Awarding contracts
  • Life cycle of a home loan contract (savings phase, award, loan phase)
  • Insurance policies
  • Wohnriester / Subsidy management

The long duration of the low-interest environment puts the historical home-loans business model to a massive test. The propriety software of the home loan associations, which – for the most part – has been developed and optimized over the course of many years has become quite costly and requires extensive maintenance. The placement of necessary new home loan products in the market is frequently hampered by existing host applications, which tend to be non-modular and inflexible.

The home-loan competitors (especially banks) often have better refinancing canals than do the home loan associations, and can therefore use the resulting conditions advantages to more aggressively seek market share and customers than the home loan associations can.

The SAP home-loan solution based on theiBS/SAP-based standard software is intended to leverage savings potential, to improve market presence (time-to-market), to prepare for future regulatory requirements, and to enable participation in the Digital Transformation.

  • Complete consulting and development spectrum around the existing industry solution, SAP Home savings
  • Consulting services covering strategic IT-consulting and architecture up to implementation and production support
  • Conducting plausibility studies, as well as drawing up business blueprints for SAP Home savings
  • Execution and support for testing; also with our own test tools
  • Customer-tailored training courses for project employees and end-users in the SAP modules BP, CML, BCA and CMS, as well as user support
  • Execution of migrations; also with our own migration tools
  • Cut-over & launch