Mortgage banks

The history of SAP Banking begins with SAP-based solutions for the operative mortgage bank business. In the mid 90s, the DePfa Wiesbaden and the Frankfurt mortgage bank Centralboden introduced SAP applications based on the project solution SAP DARWIN (Darlehen-Wertpapiere-Immobilien). The results were SAP add-on Mortgage Banking Solution as a licensed solution and SAP MARK as a client solution. SAP followed up – in cooperation with b²tec – the product CML with the product types:

  • Mortgage loans
  • General loans
  • Bonded loans
  • Policy loans
  • Consumer loans and Installment loans.

After phases of market consolidation, today’s mortgage business is characterized by the following traits and complexity drivers:

  • Significantly heightened requirements for processes, systems and data quality
  • An already increased – and steadily growing – need for long-term refinancing means, caused by the increasing incongruence between real-estate credit financing and the deposit business
  • Changing customer behavior and the resulting higher competitive pressure through providers with a higher degree of standardization in bulk business on one side, and on the other side, the necessary broadening of one’s own product palette to stabilize and gain target groups.
  • Opening new sales channels and platforms, even beyond normal boundaries.
  • Mapping of increasingly complex contract constructions, because of growing attraction of hybrid financing forms, but also due to the restructuring of real-estate portfolios resulting from mergers
  • The digitalization offensive of the institute, and the beginning search for connectivity of classic financing forms with alternative financing forms from the Peer-Group and Fintech environment.

b²tec reacts to the business challenge of implementing and consolidating SAP Banking with extensive know-how  regarding operational banking products and processes, bound together with years of distinctive solution expertise in the main fields of interest for real-estate credit financing

  • Front-end and loan initiation
  • Loan decisions and contract generation
  • Portfolio management and defaults

Even including special topics, such as:

  • Account management for contingent parameters and credit lines (facilities)
  • Custom-made solutions for syndications and securitization
  • Mapping and management of complex credit securities, as well as the technical provision of special collateralization of property assets like ships, airplanes, etc.
  • Mapping special account-management requirements for building contractor and developer business
  • Linkage of funds-management and refinancing solutions from the SAP and non-SAP environment
  • Process control and automation
  • Linkage of key  SAP applications to central finance and DWH architectures.