Analytical Banking

The data that are relevant – and must be analyzed – for analytical banking arise in the context of banking business processes, and are initially held in Banking. The knowledge of their origins and pre-processing is a prerequisite for a successful and meaningful analysis.

As a sector-specific tool for analytical banking, we use the SAP Bank Analyzer, which serves as a vital link between the Banking application and general ledger.

Beginning with the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) up to the requirements of the Standard Interpretation Committee (SIC), the accounting requirements for financial institutions have become increasingly complex. In addition, extended requirements for terms-of-yield and risk management have had corresponding effects on internal and external reporting.

A direct coupling of individual applications to the general ledger is no longer an adequate solution to this problem. The SAP Bank Analyzer with Accounting for Financial Instruments offers a new approach. Results are processed conclusively for entry, valuation and accounting – regardless of the various source systems from different manufacturers – for the various forms of financial accounting.

SAP Performance Management for Financial Services (SAP FS-PER) is the strategic platform for performance-management applications in the banking and insurance agencies, and completes the financial service functions of S/4 HANA.

The exact logging of comprehensive KPIs form the basis for detailed analysis possibilities, and hence, the fundament for the ascertainment of the performance. Complemented by the simulation of different scenarios, measures can be defined for a constant optimization of business results.

In a heterogeneous application landscape, the prompt provision of performance data and the processing of the configured scenarios are very time-intensive. As a standard application with a high degree of integration and excellent processing speed, SAP FS-PER can significantly improve the performance management.

SAP Performance Management for Financial Services is an HANA application that can be run on any data model, substantially reducing the conventional effort for ETL processing. Business scenarios for the distribution of costs and income, as well as for Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP), can be done on the level of individual items or on the aggregated level. The integration of the planning tool BPC enables the use of allocation rules for actual values right up to planning data. The flexibility of the tool also makes a rapid implementation possible.