Our mission is not only to develop SAP applications, but also to continue to support our customers in their daily work, even after the roll-out: We don’t leave you on your own. This continuing supervision primarily serves to support the smooth functioning of the production system. Of course, there are also software modifications within the context of legal regulations that must be carried out in a timely fashion. In addition, we support you in transport management, i.e. in the distribution of changes in your system landscape. In detail, this means that with immediate maintenance measures we sustain the usability and reliability of SAP products in your system landscape, thus increasing system availability. If acute problems arise, we’re there for you promtly.


Our understanding of active maintenance is based on the approach of preventive upkeep: If we discover that SAP applications or software products under our maintenance can be improved from the performance or process perspective, we immediately initiate the appropriate measures and discuss further steps with you.

Of course, our support can be integrated into your SLA strategy. Based on the level of service you require, we work with you to find the suitable solution.