Just about every replacement of existing software by a successor system requires data migration. But other events also require a consistent migration process that can be applied whenever needed:

  • Release change
  • Consolidation or division of systems and their databases
  • Reorganization of data in the context of cleanup activities
  • Introduction of new procedures

Numerous risks can arise in the context of a data migration. The spectrum of potential risk issues range from selection of a suitable migration strategy and the bundling of data transfer packets, to the timing of the migration within the master plan, consistent representations in reporting, and issues relating to data quality and system performance.

In order to eliminate these risks, we’ve developed a procedural model based on our years of experience in dealing with the complex requirements of a migration project, which can be adapted as needed for migrations of every magnitude.

Data is the mirror image of a company's processes. Therefore, experience in the implementation of migrations is not sufficient to guarantee the success of a migration process; specific expertise in business processes and the SAP application environment is also an indispensable prerequisite. Similarly, limited time windows for the data migration regularly demand a procedure that functions like finely-tuned clockwork. Our tried-and-true procedural model makes allowance for all these aspects. It is essentially comprised of:

  • Definition of the migration strategy
  • Creation of an integrated and consistent migration concept
  • Comprehensive migration preparation
  • Development of a revision-secure reconciliation procedure
  • Design and supervision of the required migration tests
  • Implementation of the migration, including the migration cockpit
  • Follow-up of the migration, as well as support of the decommissioning of the respective legacy systems

We assume responsibility for the complete, smooth and revision-secure transfer of your data. Rely on the competence of b²tec - the core banking specialist.