Smart Test

Optimization of testing through the automatic creation of consumer loans using Smart Test

For testing purposes, loan contracts in a certain phase of processing are needed. Especially for regression tests, large numbers of identical and/or similar contracts must be created as quickly as possible. The manual creation of a contract

  • is monotonous,
  • which causes mistakes and
  • binds significant personnel capacities.

b²tec has taken on requests for test support in numerous projects by making test data available and, to that end, has developed the testing tool b²tec SMART_TEST as technical support for the generation of master- and transaction data in SAP CML.

Construction and functional scope of b²tec SMART_TEST

The testing tool b2tec SMART_TEST can create one or more loans (consumer-loan type) for testing purposes. The loans are generated based on three different specifications:

  • a CSV file with a prescribed construction
  • utilization of a template loan
  • entry of values via the input parameter.

By using certain of these input parameters in addition to the CSV file or the template loan, the corresponding values in the data fields of the CSV file or the template loan are overwritten.