Loan Transaction System

The Loan Transaction System (LTS) is a product we have developed for the settlement of loan trades. It’s designed to support you in handling your "true sales" transactions. Using LTS ensures that the technical and accounting processing of a commercial transaction is carried out promptly following the actual deal. Each transaction is processed revision-secured, and is documented completely and transparently.

System-internal loan-trade transactions are implemented using a dedicated, cross-client data management layer. An XML interface is available for data exchange between different systems. This interface can also be used in migration scenarios for data exchange between SAP- and third-party systems.

Loan transfers are possible in the following scenarios:

Within an SAP system (between company codes or clients)

Example: Immigrating a portfolio within a special purpose entity while maintaining the servicing in subsequent MBS emmissions.

Export of loan positions to an external system (SAP or non-SAP).

Example: Selling a loan portfolio to another financial services provider without continuing the servicing arrangement.

Export of loan portfolios from a third-party system

Example: System change or acquisition of a loan portfolio.