Prolongation Workflow Implementation

Implement the prolongation workflow in a modern workflow engine that supports the BPMN standard

Softwarevendor, Wiesbaden/Home loan association, Ludwigsburg | Implementation of the prolongation workflow

Adoption of existing technical functions from the previous standard product. Roll out of the standard in a complex SAP-based end-user environment.  Replacement of maintenance- and cost-intensive host individual software. Correction of media breaks and interactive processing requirements as well as reduction of the complexity in the previous process solution. Integration into the new total management process (process changes, succession processing).

Conception, realization and testing of a process-driven prolongation solution for the non-collective existing business. Use of an SAP-based workflow engine in conjunction with the SAP modules BP and CML as the basis on the S/4 HANA Banking target platform. Automated inventory selection and mass processing of offers, and the maximization of process automation.


Advice on the target architecture of the SAP-based prolongation solution, requirements management, Design and realization of the prolongation solution in accordance with the hybrid procedure model, configuration of the applications (SAP CML, SAP Banking add-on), participation in developer and unit tests.

Balance between waterfall and agility – definition of a clear standard target image with agile (customer-wide) developments, optimal integration into the SAP backend modules of the end customer's overall process solution, continuous support in requirements management and technical process design (producer, end customer), product developer test (at the producer), and comprehensive support package for end customers, including advice on the mapping of customer characteristics; customer support for UAT from the producer.

b²tec personnel commitment: 10 employees, volume: 1500 PD, duration: 12 months


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