Product Development SAP Banking

Development of SAP Banking add-ons in the area of transactional SAP Banking modules

Softwarevendor, Wiesbaden | SAP Banking Product Development

Development of software products for closing functional gaps in the SAP Banking standard modules, and for the digitization and automation of business processes on the SAP Banking platform.


Development of SAP Banking add-ons in the area of transactional modules based on SAP CML: ALP/SLP, ACF, RBD, expansion of the  iBS building society solution in the functional areas of savings and credit around extensions for the processing of home savings contracts in the savings and credit  phase. Porting the IT procedure for the existing process prolongation to the platform iBS WAVE, enhancement of the functionality of the software solution for the processing of loan portfolios with the prolongation function.

Listing, analyzing and structuring customer requirements, creating business blueprints, creating technical designs, implementation, implementation support at end-customer sites, and product maintenance.


Long-term cooperation with iBS AG, mutual partner status, knowledge transfer for integrating the products to licensees.

b²tec personnel commitment: 10 employees, volume: > 6000 PD, duration: since 2008


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