Prestudy S/4HANA-Transformation

Strategy consulting on the HANA transformation of the SAP Banking landscape

Hypothekenbank, München | Preliminary Study for HANA Transformation

Replacement of the loan application interface for the real estate financing iBS  ALP/SLP, as the software is about to come to an end in the life cycle. Conversion of applications currently operating on SAP ERP to the new SAP S/4HANA technology in order to ensure the future security of the platform and to benefit from new product developments in SAP SE.


Investigation of scenarios for the replacement of iBS  ALP/SLP by the follow-up product  iBS FIN versus continued use of an iBS ALP/SLP adapted to the S/4HANA target architecture. Evaluation of alternatives to the transition from SAP ERP to S/4HANA with an assessment of which scenario is suitable for the bank.

Inventory of today's application portfolio on SAP ERP, integration into the application landscape of the bank, and investigation of the S/4HANA readiness of the components. Decision preparation for the future perspective iBS ALP/SLP, comparison of the S/4HANA transformation scenarios (Greenfield vs. Brownfield approaches), decision preparation for the preferred scenario, and establishment of the transformation roadmap. Estimation indicators and rough planning of the transformation project.


Comprehensive processing of the subject of the investigation, presentation of results at the executive level, transfer of the recommendations to the customer's invitation to tender for the transformation project.

b²tec personnel commitment: volume: 50 PD, duration: 3 months


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