CDP Consumer Loans

Tailored enhancement  of the SAP CML module for product variants of the consumer-loans business

Software vendor, Walldorf | CDP development for the enhancement of the SAP CML module for a universal bank

Fulfilling the requirements of the VIP customer in the banking sector for a functional enhancement  of the SAP CML standard for the consumer business by the producer, including assumption of sustainability guarantees for the maintenance of the application.


Implementation of the SAP CML balloon-loan product type for the consumer business, including the necessary adaptations in the financial mathematics and the integration of third-party payment-protection insurance.


Design and implementation of the system expansion in SAP CML conforming to the development guidelines of the software producer, testing, application documentation.

The solution is delivered on the ambitious availability date, b²tec takes on the maintenance on a commission from the software producer with the option of using the maintenance organization for further maintenance orders.

b²tec personnel commitment: 2 employees, Volume: 200 PDs, Duration: 7 months


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