Building Society Solution implementation

Gradual replacement of the previous HOST-based core-banking system for the collective and non-collective business with SAP software

Home loan association, SH | Introduction of a new company platform based on SAP modules with enhancements through the iBS-home-loan solution

Gaining flexibility in the IT support of home-loan products, reduction of dependencies in IT-maintenance processes in the course of demographic changes, realization of sourcing advantages from the use of standard software as opposed to proprietary developments.


Schrittweise Ablösung des bisheriges HOST-basierten Kernbankensystem für das Kollektiv- und Außerkollektivgeschäft durch SAP-Module mit Erweiterungen durch die iBS-Bausparlösung.

b²tec unterstützt das Projekt in vielfältiger Weise und an verschiedenen Positionen mit bankfachlicher, bausparspezifischer, prozesstechnischer, architektonischer und  technischer Expertise rund um SAP Banking.


The Bausparkasse is on track on its way to an SAP-oriented future. Essential determinations could be made, important milestones have been reached, first going-lives have occurred. b²tec accompanies the Bausparkasse in its further steps, as well.


b²tec personnel commitment: 5 employees, Volume: 1,500 PDs, Duration: 24 months


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