Application Landscape Transactional Banking

Client-specific enhancement of the SAP-Core target architecture with the focus on NPL processing, admission, settlement and restructuring of the transferred wind-down portfolios

Public deconsolidated environment (“Bad Bank”), Munich | New Evolution – multi-year introduction of an SAP-based application landscape for Transactional Banking

Fulfillment of the supervisory requirements for the future supervision of the non-strategic business. Establishment of efficient structures and processes for restructuring and winding-down of the portfolio.


Reaization of the IT restructuring within the framework of the transformation program “New Evolution”: Design, introduction, and consolidation of a common application architecture, establishment of SAP main and sub-ledgers, securing of the connection between planning systems and data migration


Conception and realization of NPL-specific enhancements within the SAP modules CML, RBD and BCA, partially in self-responsibility. Successful and on-schedule go-live. Running comprehensive training courses for the Credit Operations, Workout and Finance departments. Participation in  data cleansing activities in the CML and FI einvironments, and coordination in Change Management. Accompanying the construction of the content and organization of the outsourced services,   financial reporting and annual accounts at the external servicer. Stabilization of the processing procedures and regulation-conform creation of the first annual accounts under SAP.


The project targets, which were under a hard regulatory deadline, were successfully accomplished. b²tec plays a decisive role in enhancing SAP Core with NPL-typical requirements. The production under SAP is supported at the client, as well as at a third-party that was commissioned with special servicing, over a long time period; as a result, it becomes significantly more stable and efficient.


b²tec personnel commitment: 8 employees, Volume: > 600 PDs, Duration: 24 months


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