What you can expect from us

We have a team of outstanding employees that has been constantly expanding for over ten years. We network and promote people who can independently and responsibly deal with complex requirements.

Our focal point is cohesion and team unity, in which each individual contributes to the performance of b ² tec as a whole. We are flexible and committed, and our customers value us as a reliable partner who delivers consistently high quality. We are dedicated to empowering our customers.

Our special appreciation for each individual is reflected in the fair and direct interaction between colleagues. Our corporate culture is synonymous with trust, openness, quality awareness, clear leadership and clearly delineated areas of responsibility; this is also anchored in our organizational structures. In addition to your supervisor, our contact person for personnel management is there to provide for your needs and to represent your interests towards management. There is no "sitting on the bench" in this company. Times between individual project assignments are used for internal projects, and are dedicated to expanding professional competencies.

All employees have access to our collective knowledge, at any time and from anywhere. We can only solve the increasingly complex tasks we are faced with by working together, i.e. when each individual acts as part of the whole. That's why we attach great importance to direct, immediate communication - everyone can count on the support of his colleagues. International project assignments, international teams, our close partnership with SAP, as well as large and comprehensive implementations with the support of "preconfigured content," have made us what we are: b²tec - the Core Banking Specialist

Money and value

We offer individual, market-driven salaries with a fixed basic salary plus a variable portion. The latter you influence with your personal performance. Please note: internal tasks and project-related travel times also count.


Consulting is not a 9-to-5 job. We expect flexibility from you when needed. Extra work beyond the usual amount is balanced out with comp time. Please note: Project-related travel times count as work time.


Fluent German and English are must-haves at b²tec. We offer internal language training, in German, as well as in English by an American native speaker. For an athletic balance to the sedentary office life, we pay the dues at the local sports club.


We offer a direct insurance through salary conversion with a higher employer contribution than usual. Beyond that, we …. a fund savings plan for every employee.


We have modern offices with comfortable, ergonomic furniture at our disposal. Current iPhones and laptops belong to the standard equipment of our employees.


Work & Life

The management and your supervisor take care of you – you are personally known. You are part of a feedback and support culture. You will notice that there is a b²tec life beyond your project, and not only at company events.


Our business model lives from your initiative and self-direction. We trust in your self-responsibility and give you basic autonomy in working hours and location. You decide within your projects when and where you will work; there is even an option of working at home.


We realize that needs are individual and changing. Within the parameters of our business model, we make many things possible. For instance, leftover vacation days can be liberally shifted to the next year. When you join us at Bad Vilbel, but have already established your life-center elsewhere, you are free to keep it there.


Bad Vilbel is a charming historical small town in snug Nidda Valley, with affordable apartments that are not difficult to find, good infrastructure, and a fast public transportation connection to downtown Frankfurt, the airport, and the long-distance railway.

A kindergarten of Bad Vilbel is located in the same building as our headquarters.


Growing and thriving

You develop further when you overcome challenges. We know where you stand, and we consider your personal development prospects when deciding on project assignments. In addition to a comprehensive access to SAP Banking training materials, a broad  spread of training competencies from colleagues for colleagues and our own SAP Banking training system enable a holistic development of business, method, personality and social skills.


Our focus clearly lies in the business processes of SAP Banking. In this, we are the best-in-class experts in SAP Loan Management. The scope of our projects is international. Your opportunity: To take part in the digitalization of well-known financial-service providers.


We offer career chances for professionals, starters, lateral entrants, and “best agers.” Our comprehensive willingness to integrate and support new colleagues is documented by intensive mentoring in early stages and by sustained coaching when taking on new tasks. Our career model defines development paths to business experts, architects, trainers, project managers, and personnel supervisors.


b²tec is an owner-managed company with decision-making sovereignity, independent of shareholder obligations. With our limited size, everyone knows each other, and has direct contact to top management. An open door policy demonstrates the accessibility of leadership. Mutual assistance (not only in projects), open communication, and a high degree of transparency is what distinguishes us from other consulting agencies.

We maintain a close partnership with SAP, regularly take part in testing new releases, and we keep our know-how up-to-date by collaberating on SAP product development and/or customer development. Our own SAP Banking laboratory landscape makes it possible for us to try out our own application scenarios. We actively participate in the Banking work group of DSAG, and share our estimations with all employees in an annual, offsite strategy meeting of several days.