The consulting scene for SAP Banking is not overly large: the players in the market know each other, and follow with great interest the development of people and companies. Interaction occurs in changing constellations; sometimes in cooperation, sometimes in competition.

Everyone is familiar with the maxim that you encounter everyone twice, and everyone knows where the other guy’s car is parked. In principle, this leads to a respectful interaction. Like in any large family, there are members we feel closer to, and those we don’t care about as much: the favorite sister, the idiot uncle, and the eccentric brother-in-law. The following companies are ones that we consider to be special partners:


The b²tec founders were already involved in the initial development of SAP Banking applications back in the 90’s, and since then b²tec has been continuously involved in further developments and in testing new releases. As Education Partner, we run SAP Banking training courses – some of them exclusively. We support the international  license sales of SAP SE in pre-sales solutioning, and we work on implementation projects side-on-side with SAP.

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iBS - Innovative Banking Solutions AG

We have a long history of participation in the product development of SAP Banking add-ons of the  iBS AG and are involved in their maintenance. We are currently bringing our process and application expertise to bear in the development and implementation of the SAP/iBS-based home-loans solutions.

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X-Case GmbH

With X-CASE, we have a complimentary topic portfolio that we like to make use of when it comes to SAP-Technology and Business-Warehouse tasks.

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alseda GmbH

As part of the digitalization agenda, alseda and b2tec are developing new solutions for the Financial Services industry in order to simplify, accelerate and streamline core banking processes. By integrating innovative FinTech APIs into the SAP application architecture, we are implementing tailor-made solutions for our clients.

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okadis Consulting GmbH

okadis and b²tec are bound by a long-term, personal relationship. We mutually support each other in the acquisition and execution of projects, e.g. in maintenance tasks, and cooperate in the training of our consultants.

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clickstorm GmbH

clickstorm is our long-term consulting and solutions partner for our Internet presence and for our internal applications. However, we also work on customer projects together when they involve front-end/back-end integration.

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With our specialization in SAP Core Banking, we complement the solution palette of msg global in international implementation projects and in the placement of SAP add-on products with customers, currently in performance management with SAP-FS PER.

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In our cooperation with Sopra Steria Consulting, we profit from the comprehensive market access of a large system integrator, while strengthening, for our part, the SAP Banking expertise that is especially needed in implementation projects.

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isacon AG

isacon AG and b2tec offer complementary services for SAP Banking customers, and we cooperate in developing joint project opportunities. In addition, the two companies maintain a technology partnership that operates an S/4HANA-Banking platform.

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