Scrum Master Certification

05/10/2019 | News & Press

Agile process models seem to be the gold standard for running IT projects. They promise transparency in the execution, early confirmation that solutions are in accordance with requirements, and the avoidance of never-ending stories that achieve no results, particularly when project parameters change. However, upon closer inspection, what is called “agile methods” proves to be a conglomerate of diverse procedures and methods.

In order to provide our consultants and project managers a navigation tool, b²tec has carried out a training series to teach the true principles of SCRUM. Numerous colleagues are now newly-certified SCRUM Masters.  b²tec’s purpose in supporting such an in-depth understanding of the theory is to achieve a higher penetration of the various customer-specific SCRUM derivatives. In this way, it is easier for us to take on value-adding roles in the agile project organizations of our customers.