Instant Credit

11/02/2018 | News & Press

The trend of “digitalization” has now reached all areas of banking. For a long time the digitalization of sales channels was in the foreground, but now the processing steps of the backend systems including finance and reporting have moved into focus.  One of the main drivers in the market is the steady increase of regulatory requirements, demanding more data quality and accuracy, thereby improving the preconditions for automation.

With “Instant Payment” and “Access-to-Account” (XS2A), new opportunities are in place to transform consumer-credit processing and related services significantly. b2tec and alseda have digitalized the consumer credit processes end-to-end, providing the basis for a new service: “Instant Credit.” All steps from loan application to payment can be performed easily and fast, enabling customers to ensure funding within minutes during their shopping experience and to settle the bill at the cashpoint. For more information on “Instant Credit” see