Successful support for the digitalization of construction financing processes in a universal bank

07/06/2022 | News & Press

For some time now, our customer has been working on the digitalization of its bank-specific processes in construction financing. As a long-standing partner, b²tec Software GmbH was able to support the bank in this project with its own project team consisting of business analysts and software developers in the area of SAP CML and provide valuable assistance in efficiently increasing process throughput times.

In the mortgage area, the project team implemented a cockpit for the rapid recording of disbursements which, taking into account the customer's own processes, handles all sub-steps of the disbursement process from the recording of the data to the provision of the payment in a partially automated manner.

Similar efficiency gains were achieved through a second implementation. Here, the previously manual process of commissioning real estate appraisers was partially automated by a cockpit solution. The property information and documents required for the appraisal are automatically determined by the application and sent to the real estate appraiser via a service. The completed appraisal is then also automatically collected by the appraiser and processed accordingly in SAP CML.

Both applications have been in the bank's productive environment for a short time and are used by the specialist department.