Thank you for 2020

01/07/2021 | News & Press

2020 was a remarkable year. Despite the external circumstances, at the end of the year we look back with satisfaction and we are pleased about the successes achieved by b²tec!

We would like to share these successes. And we care about those who are particularly in need of protection: children. We support “Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V.”, a local organization that is dedicated to fighting cancer in children under three aspects:

Help: When a child gets cancer, the whole family is affected. Volunteers and trained specialists support the sick children and their families.

Healing: The association works closely with the Children's Cancer Clinic at the Frankfurt University Hospital. Every third day a new child diagnosed with cancer is admitted there - 80 percent of the patients can be cured.

Research: Certain forms of cancer have poor prospects of recovery. Targeted research investments, including in stem cell transplantation, improve the chances and minimize the side effects.

We are pleased that b²tec is able to contribute to these three important tasks that improve the quality of life of many children and their parents continuously and in the long term!