b²tec becomes part of the SKS Group – SKS Group acquires majority stake in b²tec Software GmbH

01/20/2022 | News & Press

On 01.01.2022, the SKS Group acquired a majority stake in b²tec Software GmbH, making b²tec an independent company in the SKS Group. Martin Schmid remains the sole managing director of b²tec and is now a partner on the SKS Management Board. As a result, the SKS Group's SAP team of 200 employees will be strengthened by a further 60 b²tec experts. With the addition of b²tec GmbH to the SKS Group, the group of companies is in a position to further develop the business areas of SAP consulting, operations  and  servicing, as well as SAP add-on standard software development and support for its customers in the ever-increasing demands on their IT systems. Under the umbrella of the SKS Group, a leading SAP consulting company in banking is being created, which a planned subsequent expansion to at least 400 employees.

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