ABS and ESP, instead of BCA and CML: b²tec arranges drivers’-safety training

03/11/2020 | News & Press

For our customers, we take on the responsibility for projects and delivery items. On the way to our customers, we’re responsible for ourselves, our passengers, and the people we encounter in traffic.

Even though some of our participants have decades of driving experience, it’s always possible to improve upon existing expertise. The basis is the proper position of the driver’s seat. The additional firmness and improved control of the steering and pedals make a positive difference when slaloming between pylons. The correct – above all, resolute – execution of a brake stroke (emergency braking) at different speeds and (especially) on a variety of surfaces makes it clear how safe a car can be with ABS, ESP and suitable tires – when one drives it right. The apex is the wet circle track: While he slid sideways through the curves, she drove her laps as if on train tracks, even with the ESP shut off.

It was very educational – and it left all the participants with a broad grin on their faces. Monday can come: driving safely and bouyed by a good mood, it’s even more fun to take on responsibility for SAP systems!