Martin Schmid

Martin Schmid is a Master of Computer Science (Diplom-Informatiker) and, since 2005, Managing Director and partner at the b²tec Software GmbH. In his capacity as Managing Director, he is in charge of the Sales & Marketing and Finance & Controlling departments. In addition, he takes on temporary stints as the Project Manager and Senior Architect in strategic customer projects.

Martin Schmid is an experienced IT manager, with many years of professional practice in IT consulting for financial services providers, as well as in the role of Head of IT in the line organization of a real estate financer. In the course of those responsibilities, he gained invaluable experience with the implementation and optimization of SAP application platforms at enterprises in the financial-services sector, as well as in leading IT projects and programs.

Dr. Detlef Ritz

Dr. Detlef Ritz has been a part of the management at b²tec since 2014, and heads up the Human Resources and Legal & Operations departments. In an earlier stage in life, he studied Biology and Chemistry at the TH Darmstadt, and did his PhD on eco-physiological topics.

Detlef Ritz hat seit 1993 Erfahrungen mit der Einführung und Optimierung von SAP-Anwendungsplattformen bei Unternehmen im Branchenschwerpunkt Finanzdienstleistungen und Immobilienwirtschaft. Bevor er zu b²tec kam, war er bei einem großen IT-Beratungsunternehmen in den Rollen Projektmanager, Business Manager und Personalverantwortlicher tätig. Detlef Ritz ist DBVC-zertifizierter Business Coach.

Wim Wiers

Wim Wiers joined the b²tec  management team in 2015 as the Managing Director of b²tec Canada. Since his relocation to Germany mid 2020, he is mostly responsible for b²tec’s international activities, with emphases on business development, strategy- and architecture-consulting, and project management.

Wim Wiers began his professional career at the KAS Bank in Amsterdam, where he was active in the finance department for 8 years. In 1994, he implemented SAP for the KAS Bank. He then worked for a number of consulting and software companies, including SAP itself. He possesses excellent operational knowledge from his time in the bank, a broad knowledge of SAP Banking products, and diverse experience with complex SAP Banking implementations.

Tino Hahn

Tino Hahn has been a member of b²tec Software GmbH since 2004 and is one of the company's old-timers. He joined the company directly after graduating from the Technical University of Ilmenau with a degree in Computer Sience in Business. Since the start of 2022, he has been part of the management team in his role as Chief Technical Architect. His tasks include the evaluation of new and growing technologies in the SAP environment.

Tino has experience in SAP since 1999 and has been active in the banking environment since 2004. His skills are based on extensive project knowledge, which he has acquired working with our customers in South Africa, Canada, the Netherlands and Taiwan, as well as with major players in the national banking sector. With his experience, he represents the company in the projects as Technical Team Lead, Business Consultant and Development Architect, thus acting as an interface between business departments and IT.